Madison Square Gardens 1978, German Rockpop 1982 & Various TV showstour '79


Conjunto de grabaciones de la televisión inglesa.

Ian Anderson "Pebble Mill" Interview, including Fly by night.
Lap of luxury (promo)
Breakfast time interview

Princes Trust 1982:

Jack in the green
Pussy willow

Rockpop 1982:

Hard times
Pussy willow
Heavy horses
Jack in the green
Keyboard & drum solos
Sweet dream

TV documentary 1979:

My God
Songs from the wood
Thick as a brick
Heavy horses
Sweet dreams
Dark ages

Madison Square Gardens 1978:

Thick as a brick
No lullaby (including Flute solo)
Songs from the wood
Locomotive breath
Dambusters march

Classic Rock 1983:

Somewhere in England
Fly by night
Fat man

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