Grabado en marzo de 1982. 
Editado en Abril de 1982. 

Producido por Paul Samwell-Smith.

Remasterizado en el 2005 con 8 temas extras y notas de Anderson

IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar and vocals
MARTIN BARRE: electric and acoustic guitar
DAVE PEGG: bass guitar, mandolins and vocals  
GERRY CONWAY: drums and percussion  
PETER-JOHN VETTESE: piano, synthesizers and vocals

1. Beastie  
2. Clasp 
3. Failen on hard times 
4. Flying colours 
5. Slow marching band  
6. Broadsword 
7. Pussy willow 
8. Watching me, watching you  
9. Seal driver 
10. Cheerio
11. Jack Frost and the hooded crow
12. Jack-A-Lynn
13. Mayhem maybe
14. Too many too
15. Overhang
16. Rhythm in gold
17. I am your gun
18. Down at the end of your road