Grabado en The Palace of Fine Arts, de San Francisco, el 25 de Septiembre de 2003, durante la gira del Rubbing Elbows.

IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals
KIT MORGAN: guitar, bass
JAMES DUNCAN: drums and percussion 
JOHN O'HARA : keyboards, piano accordion

1. Interview with Steven Seaweed
2. In the grip os stronger stuff
3. Life is a long song
4. Skating away...
5. Up the 'pool
6. Calliandra shade
7. A week of moments
8. Griminelli's lament
9. Bourée
10. A christmas song
11. Boris dancing
12. One white duck
13. Put you down baby
14. Old black cat
15. Eurology
16. Holly herald
17. Living in the past
18. Locomotive breath