Grabado en el Circus Krone Bau, de Munich (Alemania), el 13 de Junio de 2007.

IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals
MARTIN BARRE: electric guitar
DOANE PERRY: drums and percussion 
DAVID GOODIER: bass guitar
JOHN O'HARA: keyboards

1. Someday the sun won't shine for you
2. Living in the past
3. Jack-in-the-green
4. The Donkey and the drum
5. The water carrier
6. Thick as a brick
7. Pastime with good company
8. Fat man
9. Bourée
10. Sweet dream
11. After you, after me
12. Nothing is easy
13. Aqualung
14. America
15. My God
16. Budapest
17. Locomotive breath