Away with words



Editado en 2013.

Disco con temas propios de Barre y versiones acústicas de tema de Jethro Tull.


MARTIN BARRE: acoustic, classical & electric guitars, bousouki, mandolin, bass, flute, bass clarinet
DAN CRISP: vocals
FRANK MEAD: blackwood flute, whistles, bodhran, blues harp
GEORGE LINDSAY: drums, percussion

1. First Light / Moths
2. Its My Round / Requiem
3. One Brown Mouse / Fatcat
4. Air: Lament Of The Spalpeen / Martin's Jig / Hymn 43
5. All Bars Hold
6. Pussy Wilow
7. Snapshot / Paparazzi
8. Long Ago / Home
9. Fire At Midnight / From The Ashes
10. Protect And Survive
11. Spare A Thought / From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser
12. Sundown

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