25 anniversary boxed set


Editado en 1993. 
Producido por Ian Anderson. 

Caja de 4 CD's con versiones remasterizadas y versiones en directo.

IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar, drums programme, keyboards and vocals
MARTIN BARRE: electric and acoustic guitar
DAVE PEGG: acoustic and electric bass, mandolin , octavius, bass mandolin, vocals
GERRY CONWAY: drums, ethnic drums
MICK ABRAHAMS: electric guitar
GLENN CORNICK: bass guitar
BARRIMORE BARLOW: drums and percussion
JOHN EVAN: keyboards
DAVID PALMER: keyboards, orchestra conductor
MARTIN ALLCOCK: bouzouki, electric guitar, keyboards 
DON AIREY: keyboards

Remixed classic songs 
1. My sunday feeling 
2. A song for Jeffrey 
3. Living in the past 
4. Teacher 
5. Sweet Dream 
6. Cross-eyed Mary 
7. Witch's promise 
8. Life is a long song 
9. Bungle in the jungle 
10. Minstrel in the gallery 
11. Cold wind to Valhalla 
12. Too old to rock'n'roll: too young to die 
13. Songs from the wood 
14. Heavy horses 
15. Black sunday 
16. Broadsword 

Carnegie Hall, N.Y. Recorded live, New York City 1970 
17. Nothing is easy 
18. My God 
19. With you there to help me 
20. A song for Jeffrey 
21. To cry you a song 
22. Sossity: you're a woman 
23. Reasons for waiting 
24. We used to know 
25. Guitar solo 
26. For a thousand mothers 

The Beacons Bottom Tapes 
27. So much trouble 
28. My sunday feeling 
29. Some day the sun won't shine for you 
30. Living in the past 
31. Bourée 
32. With you there to help me 
33. Thick as a brick 
34. Cheerio 
35. A new day yesterday 
36. Protect and survive 
37. Jack-a-lynn 
38. The whistler 
39. My God 
40. Aqualung 

Pot Poorri: Live Across The World & Through The Years 
41. To be sad is a mad way to be 
42. Back to the family 
43. A passion play (extract) 
44. Wind up / Locomotive breath / Land of hope and glory 
45. Seal driver 
46. Nobody's car 
47. Pussy willow 
48. Budapest 
49. Nothing is easy 
50. Kissing Willie 
51. Still loving you tonight 
52. Beggar's farm 
53. Passion Jig 
54. A song for Jeffrey 
55. Living in the past


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