A little light music


Editado en 1992. 
Producido por Ian Anderson. 

Disco grabado en directo en Mayo de 1992, durante una gira acústica.

IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar, percussion, mandolin, harmonica and vocals
MARTIN BARRE: electric and acoustic guitar
DAVE PEGG: bass guitar and mandolin
DAVID MATTACKS: drums, percussion and keyboards

1. Someday the sun won't shine for you  
2. Living in the past  
3. Life is a long song  
4. Rocks on the road 
5. Under wraps 
6. Nursie
7. Too old to rock'n'roll: too young to die  
8. One white duck  
9. A new day yesterday  
10. John Barleycorn  
11. Look into the sun  
12. A christmas song  
13. From a dead beat to an old greaser  
14. This is not love 
15. Bourée 
16. Pussy willow  
17. Locomotive breath

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