Grabado en el John Anson Ford Theater, de Los Angeles (USA), el 29 de Septiembre de 2003, durante la gira del Rubbing Elbows.

Corey Stevens como invitado.

IAN ANDERSON: flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals
KIT MORGAN: guitar, bass
JAMES DUNCAN: drums and percussion 
JOHN O'HARA : keyboards, piano accordion

1. In the grip os stronger stuff
2. Life is a long song
3. Skating away...
4. Up the 'pool
5. Calliandra shade
6. A week of moments
7. Griminelli's lament
8. Bourée
9. A christmas song
10. Boris dancing
11. Lost in crowds
12. Lonesome road blues
13. Old black cat
14. Eurology
15. Holly herald
16. Living in the past
17. Locomotive breath